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Custom Faceless Family Portrait

Custom Faceless Family Portrait


-Portrait will be painted on an 8x10, high quality watercolor paper, (If you would like a larger size, please send me an email at or send me a message through email and we will talk size and prices!)

-Your custom painting will include your name and date at the bottom of your painting (ex: "The Dearden's" . . . "Est. 2016").

-If you would like any special details in the background (including floral wreaths) Please message me before you purchase, because a small fee may need to be included!

-When you do check out, make sure you let me know any specific details you may want, along with a picture of the family you'd like me to capture.

-This piece will be shipped in a flat mailer

-Contact me with any questions! I look forward to painting for you!
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