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Having always enjoyed art, I imagined it would always be just a hobby. I took a psychology class back in high school and fell in love with a project where we had to create a poster to advertise a product using human behavior. I had never had such a great time working on a school assignment. I was a year into college, I was studying psychology, and while I was interested in learning why people made certain decisions, it wasn't quite anything like I had imagined. I didn't expect to be writing long papers about conclusions based on research that I had studied. I did some research and quickly declared my major in graphic design. Look at me now, a graduate of Brigham Young University - Idaho with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

Im a sucker for clean and clear designs, I notice when things aren't aligned and I'm definitely the person who whispers to my husband during a movie saying, "I like the font they used". I love to learn and I think I always will, knowledge helps prepare you to become better, which brings me to my calligraphy. It started with just my handwriting, I've always been more than comfortable with rewriting an assignment if I felt it looked messy and was very happy with how my print looked and read easily. One day I finally decided to take notice of the glaring elephant in the room (at least to me) that my cursive was well below legible. What started out as an attempt to improve my cursive turned into a full blown hobby and can occasionally, when needed, add it to a my designs. 

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