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The LiveRex team at Overstock, who created tech that allowed us to personalize our emails in new ways, wanted a 'cool shirt' made. They pretty much gave me free creative direction, but the one thing they wanted to be a part of the design was a T-rex of sorts. It later became a joke to have the dinosaur wearing a LiveRex shirt. I started out with sketches on paper and pencil, then worked in illustrator to bring the idea to life. A fun side project that resulted in a fun shirt we all could wear to work.

LivRex Tshirt Design-16.png
LivRex Tshirt Design-05.png
LivRex Tshirt Design-04.png
LivRex Tshirt Design-01.png
LivRex Tshirt Design-03.png
LivRex Tshirt Design-02.png
LivRex Tshirt Design-06.png
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