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The email team was tasked with creating a new series of emails to see if we could increase engagement and click through to ultimately lead to more sales. A template was designed and each week a new email would be sent out to our audience that focused on one specific category or theme. The themes & callouts were all strategically decided on by our promotions team and were then sent to me to design. 


After concluding the testing we did with the weekly theme 1.0 emails, we decided to build on what we had working using the data. It was decided that the emails didn't need to be long. Based on the click data we knew what areas of each email performed over the rest and decided to simplify by reducing the number of mods below the hero.

Around the same time, our company branding changed. Instead of Big Bold & Bright there was the decision across the company to be a little less "promotional" & more "elevated". So in the midst of this project we switched gears and created simplified templates and more elevated creative.

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